1. Municipality circular no. 6 year 1995

  • Malaysia Treasury Housing Loan Terms & Conditions and Procedures

2. Municipality circular no. 4 year 1995

  • Rate and condition of allowance claim, facilities and payment for civil service officers who shift or move to another house.

3. Municipality circular no. 6 year 2002

  • Procedures for suppliers of uniforms for office staff.

4. Municipality circular no. 3 year 2003

  • Allowance rate condition claim, facilities and payment to civil service officers for performing our duties (does not include members of the armed forces and police).

5. Municipality circular no. 8 year 2004

  • Formation of accounting and finance management committee in the Federal Government agency.

6. Municipality circular no. 2 year 2006

  • Municipality Circular Amendment No.3 year 2003 and Treasury Circular No. 4 year 2004 concerning vehicle traveling allowance.

7. Service circular no.16 year 2007

  • Housing fixed supplementary rate amendment.

8. Service circular no. 15 year 2007

  • Clarification on the implementation in providing facilities and ceremonial uniform, payment assistance for black-tie outfit and attending official functions.

9. Service circular no. 11 year 2007

  • Provide increase in service payment for appointed officer under Contract For Service.