Question 1:

Are all PBT in Malaysia under the responsibility of the Housing Ministry and Local Government (KPKT)?



All PBT are under the responsibility and authority of the respective State Government. KPKT scope of duties is to coordinate all PBT in the aspect of uniformity of policies, legal matters, offering advisory services including technical advisory services and channeling allocation from Federal Government.

Question 2:

How can the general public lodge complaints pertaining to issues/problems faced in PBT areas ?



The general public can lodge complaints directly to the respective PBT or KPKT.


Question 3:

Are bulk wastes (mattresses, old cupboards etc) collected as frequently as the collection of ordinary rubbish ?



Bulk wastes are collected only once a week.


Question 4:

If the responsible party concerned does not execute the rubbish cleaning work, what action can be taken by consumers or the public ?


Consumers can lodge complaints at the nearest local authority so that cleaning up action can be done as soon as possible.


Question 5:

What are the colours of the recycling bins ?



The colours of the recycling bins are as follow :

  • Blue – For paper

  • Orange – For aluminium can, steel can and plastic
  • Brown – For glass


Question 6:

When is the National Recycling Day celebrated?



The National Recycling Day is celebrated on 11 November every year.


Question 7:

What cause dengue fever?



Dengue Virus.


Question 8:

What type of mosquitoes carry dengue virus?



Aedes Mosquitoes


Question 9:

What should I do if I cannot afford to pay all of the arrears?



If full payment cannot be made, in some cases, arrangement can be made for instalment payment.


Question 10:

How many Local Authorities’ are there in Malaysia nowadays?



There are 145 Local Authorities (inclusive of Kuala Lumpur City Hall), which consists of 31 Municipal Councils and 114 District Councils. There are several other bodies that are given the authority to function as the local authority such as: Kulim Hi-Tech Local Authority, Pasir Gudang Local Authority, Putrajaya Authority and many more.


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